Improve Your Chiropractic Outcome by Addressing Toxins

D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, wrote often about the 3 causes of dis-ease, or lack of ease. We've come to simplify these as the 3 T's, which are 1.Thoughts 2.Trauma and 3. Toxins. In more recent times, you might know these as the health triad, or emotional, physical, and chemical health. Either way, we need to be strong in all three to reach our maximum health potential.

Thoughts and trauma deserve their own focus, but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on toxins. Quite simply, they refer to chemical stressors placed on our bodies from environmental pollutants, as well as the processed foods and drugs that we consume.

This creates an internal inflammation that poses many problems, with two in particular. The first is that this process is damaging to the cells and tissues and can put at you at risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The second is that this shifts the body's priority towards addressing this inflammation. Our parasympathetic nervous system which is primarily geared towards sleep, digestion, healing and repair, takes a back seat. These processes no longer take priority over the crisis at hand.

Where does chiropractic come in to play? The primary purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to create good movement in the spine, thereby removing interference from the nerve roots that enter and exit the spinal cord. Since these nerve roots collectively go everywhere, good expression of these nerves are essential for achieving maximum health. Spinal position is in part determined by the muscles. Chronic inflammation in the muscles leads to a "stiff" spine. When someone feels relief following a chiropractic adjustment but that relief is short lived, that is a sign that we need to address the underlying inflammation.

One of our clinic's main focus is on lab-based nutrition, where we create a customized regimen of diet and supplementation to specifically address deficiencies and excesses in the blood values. In particular, we'll identify markers that point to signs of inflammation, such as heart and liver enzymes. Many people seek out our care for initial pain relief, but I hope this helps you to see how we have to look at the complete picture of health to address that.

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